We will set up a schedule for your permanent facial hair removal. If you have the time and money we can work for several hours several days a week. If not we can work on smaller areas until you have achieved permanency.
The key with our technique is completely clearing the area of unwanted hair every time you come in for an appointment. We work on the areas of the face that emotionally or physically bother you the most first. Every time you come in for permanent facial hair removal treatments we completely clear those areas and then use the rest of the time to begin new areas.
We are careful to make sure that any hair left on your face after your treatment is balanced and even. This assures an even look to re-growth.

Here is a listing of the areas of the face that we most often divide up for clearing:
1. Corner of mouth to ear lobe and above
2. Upper Lip area – side of nose to edge of lip smile line
3. Smile line down to chin and along jaw line
4. Corner of mouth to earlobe and below
5. Under chin to start of neck
6. Neckline and below

We work methodically and consistently on a weekly basis or more often until the hair no longer grows weekly. Then we set the schedule to every other week until no hair grows on a weekly basis. Then we set the schedule to two times a month until the hair no longer grows 2 times a month.

During these treatments, you do not shave the areas that we are working on.

You will see and feel the hair becoming increasingly finer and finer with every treatment until it no longer grows. How great it is, that you don’t have to shave! If your electrolysis schedule is limited, then you would continue to shave the areas which we do not work on until time allows us to begin working on those areas. Our clients have a minimal amount of swelling and redness and no scabbing, so they feel comfortable going to work the next day.
We work on you for as long as you can stand to lie still and for as long as the discomfort isn’t overwhelming. We take breaks as often as you need them.

During a treatment, your physical and emotional reaction to the treatments is our indicator as to how long your individual treatments should last. Our clients say they feel quite comfortable with the treatments. Many of them find that they are OK with treatments lasting several hours.

Our relaxing music, low lighting, and relaxed attitude make the treatments much more bearable than you would think. Many of our clients look forward to their treatments. You could say in many ways that our treatments can be compared to a woman giving birth in a natural childbirth, birthing room as opposed to a hospital labor room.

We suppose this metaphor applies in more ways than one, as you birth the new you. Some experiences of childbirth can be quite horrific but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you find a more relaxing experience with less swelling and pain.
Just as in the birthing room, if necessary, numbing injections are available. You can also have someone drop you off if you want to take some Tylenol with Codeine, Excedrin PM, or other relaxants. We use – fewer chemicals

We are:
1. Less invasive
2. More peaceful
3. More humanistic
4. More spiritual
5. More rejuvenating
6. More comedic!
7. Less expensive
8. More accurate
You’ll have:
1.Less downtime
2.Less swelling
3.Faster recovery rate
4. An appointment this week

Hilary, preforms treatments necessary for Gender Reassignment Surgery. She presently offers discounts for her treatments. Please call or text 210 3839753 for more information.

There is no doubt one of the greatest rewards of this profession is the opportunity to help those wishing to transform their appearance from male to female.We have made so many great friends and learned so much from all of our clients. We don’t want to appear partial but perhaps our clients who are transgender have touched our hearts the most.

The techniques we use on transgender women isn’t any different than for those born female. It may be interesting to learn that there are women born female that have just as much or more body and facial hair than women who, according to stereotypical standards were born male.Once someone begins the process of electrolysis they are happier knowing that they have taken action and will soon see a more feminine appearance.

In all our years of experience, we both agree that the very most important factor in effective permanent hair removal for anyone is acceptance and unconditional love of self.

Once a person has accepted themselves as they are, the electrolysis and permanency comes much more easily. We understand that and receive great satisfaction in helping our clients in their journey toward love of self and happiness. We all deserve to be happy and healthy. Our love of each other and ourselves encourages happiness and good health.

Our sessions are uplifting. Most all of our clients tell us that they feel so very much renewed after an electrolysis session. We say that with every session, our clients renew us just as much.


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