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We believe, that HairFree4Me Electrolysis & Organic Beauty,
provides the safest and most effective Electrolysis services
in San Antonio, Texas and Western New York.

Our Team

Even after 40 years of working in Electrolysis (1976!) Maryellen still can’t seem to give it up! She takes care of the business and has some treatment hours. She is available for consulting with any concerns you may have.

Michelle is very quiet and is very accurate in her treatments. She has been with us since 2015.

Andrea is also a massage therapist. She has a good touch. She has been with since early 2017. 

There is a real need for electrolysis services and too few qualified electrologists.
We aim to change that here at HairFree4Me Electrolysis & Organic Beauty.

Audrey, moved to Western New York, in 2013. HairFree4MeWNY.com. She offers Electrolysis, Organic Spray Tan and Permanent Makeup.



Owner – Electrologist San Antonio

Maryellen is a Real Master! I have had electrolysis before with another electrologist, and my face would always be completely covered in scabs after the treatment. The pain with the other electrologist was unbearable. There is almost no pain with Maryellen. Thank you so much!

Alyssa C.
San Antonio, Texas



Electrologist San Antonio

“Professionalism, respect and caring are a few words that describe Michelle. She has helped build my confidence and self esteem through her electrolysis work. As i look in the mirror at my clean face, I Love It!”

Frankie G.
San Antonio, Texas



Electrologist San Antonio

“I’ve been really happy to see the progress we are making and am super appreciative. Y’all have been nothing but helpful. Have a wonderful afternoon, I will see you on Saturday!”

 Cobi H.
Comfort, TX



Owner, Electrologist, Spray Tan & Permanent Makeup Artist, Western New York

My eyebrows were a mess! I can’t express how perfect they look now! I love going to see Audrey. She makes me feel so relaxed and comfortable. She is so kind and caring and will spend as much time as she needs to make my eyebrows look perfect!

Lynn Thomas
Amherst, N.Y

Why we believe we Offer the Most Effective Electrolysis in San Antonio, Texas:

  1. Our Techniques Will Give You Permanent Results, Faster. What does this mean? A Faster Treatment Does Not Give You Faster Permanency – In our opinion a precise insertion is better than a quick insertion. An electrologist that removes hair very quickly can remove the hair on your face fast but it will take much longer for permanency. It will appear that your treatments are going very well but in fact you will be receiving fast treatments for years.A slower more precise insertion with a larger size probe and a slower heat will give you much better results. How do I know this? I have been doing electrolysis for 40+ years and I have tried all sorts of different techniques.The techniques we use at Hair Free4Me are the techniques that I have learned over the years from trial and error and my own formal electrolysis training. I believe I am still learning and when and if I find another technique that works better you can be sure I will implement it in our clinic.
  2. Our techniques will feel less painful.We go to great lengths to use techniques that are less painful so that the use of chemically toxic anesthetic is only used in the most severe cases.
  3. Our equipment is top notch.
  4. We have a clean professional office with a waiting room.
  5. We use the highest quality disposable probes and disposable gloves.

We base our treatments on love and respect and believe there is good in all. I am a nut for organic things. You will find our office to be as chemically free as humanly possible. We have fun and love all our clients dearly. We know they love us too.

Our Services


Our “electrolysis” permanent hair removal services save you time and money. Please click below to learn more.


We use single use disposable probes and rubber gloves to ensure we are providing our customer with the most sterile environment and experience possible. Click below to learn more.


Whether you need hair removed from the face or body we have an electrologist that specializes in your particular needs.  We treat all areas and all genders. Achieving your goal may be easier than you think.

General Treatment Care

There are many things you need to know before you receive your first treatment Please review this important information before using our services.
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