General Treatment Care

Pre -Treatment
Do not use  irritating skin care products while having electrolysis treatments Ex: Salicylic Acid, Proactive, Retin A, Accutane.  Please check the ingredient list on your skincare products. Often times there are irritating ingredients in your products that you may not realize. The use of Obagi products are not recommended.  All synthetic ingredients are suspect.

The day before your treatment and on the day of treatment use as little moisturizer as possible.  Bathing before your treatments is recommended to help keep the area free of oils and germs. Be sure to drink plenty of water the day before and of your treatment. Limit caffeine before your treatment. If you find the treatments to be painful feel free to take a pain reliever or something to relax you before the treatment. We can recommend a topical anesthetic if need be.

After Treatment Care:
For the first 3 days after a treatment:

  1. You may find your skin may have some swelling and redness in the treated area. This is completely normal and a good sign. This condition should disappear within an hour or two but may last a day or so.
  2. Some very slight scabbing can happen at times. Be careful not to remove scabs, apply more Aloe Vera. At the next session be sure to TELL US how much scabbing you had, so we can adjust the treatment. We do not like for you to have any scabbing.
  3. Keep the area clean and dry to facilitate healing. Do not touch, rub, scratch or squeeze the treated area. Avoid anything irritating to the skin while it is healing. This includes skin care products & makeup, with synthetic ingredients especially sunburn aloe gel Tinted Artificial Green
  4. After cleansing pat dry, apply ORGANIC/all NATURAL Aloe Very Gel at night and in the morning for 3 nights and 3 mornings and as needed for irritation. Do not use alcohol on the treated area. It is too harsh for the skin. DO NOT use moisturizer as it can cause blemishes. Do NOT use ALOE VERA with artificial colors and preservatives.
  5. No makeup in the treatment area for 3 days after your treatment. It can block the open hair follicles causing blemishes; the older the makeup the greater the chances of infection. Mineral makeup seems to be OK for many of our clients.
  6. No Ice -The swelling is a result of the treatment and facilitates the destruction of the hair germ cells. The application of ice un-does what we have just tried to destroy. Ice applied directly on your skin longer than 5 or 10 minutes encourages frost bite.
  7. Do not sunbathe for 3 days after your treatment. Everyday outdoor activity is OK.

With very coarse hair or In the Unlikely Event You Develop Pustules – As often as needed apply:

Coconut Oil Salt Deep Cleanser

In a small pot on stove with VERY low heat, for about 30 seconds, mix and stir:

2 Tablespoon Raw Organic Coconut Oil
4 Tablespoons Salt.

Place into a small glass container. Shake occasionally to keep from separating as it cools. An empty glass jar sterilized in the dishwasher works well. We have some glass jars for purchase if needed. Apply to the skin as often as needed. Remove with a soft wash cloth and warm water. Apply Aloe Vera Astringent or Aloe Vera Gel if irritated.


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