I’ve seen several electrologists over the years and all across the country. Upon moving to San Antonio I found it a challenge to find someone willing to perform electrolysis on my areas in need. Many places pushed for unnecessary laser treatments that would have cost me many times over the cost of electrolysis.

I was unhappy with the first electrologist I went to in San Antonio. I only returned for a few treatments out of desperation, but after repeatedly asking for the heat to be turned down and the resultant scabs and eventual scars (that took many months to fade) I went online to find an alternative.

I came across the HairFree4Me website and gave a call. They are very accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable, and coincidentally hails from back home, Buffalo! The office has a very relaxing atmosphere and the conversation is always pleasant. I find the staff actually enjoys what they do and out of pure interest is an avid reader on electrolysis and many other topics that pertain to skin health. With all the different people I have seen, not once has anyone performed catastasis (sp?) to close the pores after treatment, which is rather enjoyable.

Since going to HairFree4Me, my frequency of treatment has lessened and each area she has worked on is vastly improved from when we started. This leaves time to work on less important areas like my toes.

Lynn S.

San Antonio, Texas

My need for hair removal has changed over the years, and I decided I needed to visit an electrologist again when I experienced facial hair regrowth after having a baby. I did not want to have to shave this area in order to have laser hair removal and having had electrolysis before I thought this would be the best option.

The treatment I have received from HairFree4Me has been far superior to that I have had in the past. They Work very quickly and efficiently but at the same time will take a moment to alter the current strength in order to tailor the treatment and remove stubborn hairs. In the past, I have known electrologists use a standard current and simply pluck the hair out if it didn’t come out after one or two tries with the current – which completely defeats the purpose of the treatment and makes future removal more difficult.

I have total confidence in HairFree4Me and their staff. They are very knowledgeable about different areas of skincare. I would highly recommend these services, to anybody thinking of getting electrolysis.

Sara D.

San Antonio, Texas


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