Andrea Electrologist San Antonio

Andrea has been with us since early 2017. She offers a discounted rate of 20% – 30%  off on our book now page! 

Andrea’s first official client fell asleep during the treatment! That is pretty amazing already!

Because Andrea is a Licensed Massage Therapist she already understands the body and the goodness that a healing touch can give a client. You will feel comfortable, and well taken care of when you have a treatment with Andrea.


I just had a treatment and I went to the “Powder Room” in HairFree4Me’s office. When I  looked in the mirror, I feel pretty again. Then, I immediately went up to Maryellen and Andrea and told them, “I feel pretty again. Thank you!”   San Antonio, TX 07/06/2017

Phyllis N.

Thank you so much! I can really tell a huge difference in the treatment. With my other electrologist, I usually have a lot of swelling, and I am usually sore for a day or so. I’m very happy with today’s results and I don’t have any swelling or tenderness right now.  Del Rio, TX 07/03/2017

Angela B.

I had an AWESOME experience. The setting is very peaceful and soothing, and the staff is extremely nice and professional. Everything was very clean and I was shown the measures they take to make sure that you are in a sterile environment. I was tired of the hair growing on my ears and on random areas of my arms/shoulders, and (after hearing several recommendations) decided to try it out. The results are amazing! I was treated by Andrea who had a soft touch while being extremely efficient. She was incredibly nice and made sure to listen to all my concerns before starting. I don’t have the words to describe how happy I am with the results and her professionalism. She was thorough and made sure to make me comfortable during the treatment. I’m excited to continue my treatments there and have already had a boost in self-confidence with the initial results. If you’ve been wondering if this is something you should try, then I HIGHLY recommend giving it a chance!  San Antonio, Texas 06/13/2017

Josh S.

Andrea was calming during my treatment which put me at ease throughout the whole session. Thanks again Andrea. I look forward to my treatment next week.  San Antonio, TX 06/19/2017

Ebony B.

I’ve been really happy to see the progress we are making and am super appreciative. Y’all have been nothing but helpful. Have a wonderful afternoon, I will see you on Saturday!  Comfort, TX 07/06/2017

Cobi H.


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