Andrea, Electrologist San Antonio

Andrea, has been with us over a year now, since early 2017. She is gentle, kind, and effective.

Andrea’s first official client fell asleep during the treatment! That is pretty amazing! Since then she has won the hearts of many of our clients. 

Because Andrea is a Licensed Massage Therapist she already understands the body and the goodness that a healing touch can give. You will feel comfortable, and well taken care of when you have a treatment with Andrea.


February 13, 2018

Carmen asked that I let you know that she always enjoys her appointments with Andrea. She is very pleased with the results of Andrea’s work and will be scheduling another appointment with her.”   

San Antonio, TX 
Carmen D.  

November 12, 2017

“Andrea is a very caring, kind person!  As a new client to her, she took the time to understand what treatment I had last & to help explain the machine she was going to use.  She was very patient and I couldn’t have asked for a calmer person to help me through a new setting! Thank You!”

San Antonio, TX
Theresa N.


July 3, 2017

“Thank you so much! I can really tell a huge difference in the treatment. With my other electrologist, I usually have a lot of swelling, and I am usually sore for a day or so. I’m very happy with today’s results and I don’t have any swelling or tenderness right now.” 

Del Rio, TX 
Angela B.

June 13, 2017

“I had an AWESOME experience. The setting is very peaceful and soothing, and the staff is extremely nice and professional. Everything was very clean and I was shown the measures they take to make sure that you are in a sterile environment. I was tired of the hair growing on my ears and on random areas of my arms/shoulders, and (after hearing several recommendations) decided to try it out. The results are amazing! I was treated by Andrea who had a soft touch while being extremely efficient. She was incredibly nice and made sure to listen to all my concerns before starting. I don’t have the words to describe how happy I am with the results and her professionalism. She was thorough and made sure to make me comfortable during the treatment. I’m excited to continue my treatments there and have already had a boost in self-confidence with the initial results. If you’ve been wondering if this is something you should try, then I HIGHLY recommend giving it a chance! “

San Antonio, TX
Josh S.

February 07 2018

“Andrea was very welcoming. My appointment was so comfortable. Looking forward to having her work on me again.

San Antonio, TX
Olga F.

July 07, 2017

“I just had a treatment and I went to the “Powder Room” in HairFree4Me’s office. When I  looked in the mirror, I feel pretty again. Then, I immediately went up to Maryellen and Andrea and told them, “I feel pretty again. Thank you!”   

San Antonio, TX 

Phyllis N. 

July 06, 2017

“I’ve been really happy to see the progress we are making and am super appreciative. Y’all have been nothing but helpful. Have a wonderful afternoon, I will see you on Saturday!”  

Comfort, TX 
Cobi H.


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