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Electrologist San Antonio Angela

Angela has over 12 years experience and is a Certified Clinical Electrologist

Angela’s, kind smile and professional ways will warm your heart. She is back now for the fall and winter 2017! She joins us from September through July. In the summer you will find her visiting family in Tennessee!

I have had electrolysis at HairFree4Me for a while now with great success. Two weeks ago I came in for a treatment with Angela. The only area I had not treated was my upper lip. This area caused me much emotional stress. I believed that it made me feel more like a man than a woman. Angela was able to clear my whole upper lip in one session. This was a very dramatic transformation change, in 1 day. I no longer felt like a man. I feel like the woman I am. People at work noticed a difference right away. I am so very grateful to Angela for making the effort to carefully clear it so that there was minimal irritation after the treatment. Angela is an awesome person. Thank you Angela, I am very grateful. Pearsall, Texas May 27, 2017;

Tiffany R.


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