Welcome To HairFree4Me, MaryellenLittle.com

Waiting Room 3img-2We believe HairFree4Me, Electrolysis, is the most effective electrolysis in San Antonio, Texas.

Our Equipment is Top Notch. We have 2 Brand new Machines!

Aplis Xcell Pur Aplis Xcell Pur

We  have a clean professional office with waiting room. We use disposable probes and gloves. Our equipment and techniques will give you better results, faster.

Aplis Xcell Pur Woman

We stand behind this statement with tried & true 40+ years experience, research & intelligent facts.

Our technique emphasizes Careful, Accurate, & Clean insertions which take a little more time. This lessens scabbing, rashes, and increases effectiveness, no matter what machine we use. Accuracy is key to effectiveness and probe size is the key to comfort, no matter what machine is used.

The addition of our new equipment gives even better results with great comfort. This total package gives you quicker permanency, with almost no discomfort.

We base our treatments on love and respect and believe there is good in all.

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Michelle and Hilary, have most of the electrolysis treatment hours.

We have fun and love all our clients dearly. We know they love us too.

After 40 years of working in Electrolysis, Maryellen, takes care of the administration of the business. She does have some electrolysis treatment hours. She is also available for electrolysis consulting and offers consultations on Apothecary, (making your own products) and how to embrace a more organic pioneer like lifestyle which can enhance you health, happiness, beauty and spirituality.

Between 2004 and 2012 we were Stone Oak Permanent Hair Removal, because our office was on Sigma Road, in Stone Oak.  We moved to Blanco Road in 2013.

My daughter Audrey’s office is in Western New York. HairFree4MeWNY. She used to practice with me here in San Antonio, Texas but moved in 2013. Prince charming came and took her back to our home town of Buffalo, NY.